It's Knitting Time!

It's that time of year when I switch from my outdoor hobbies to indoor hobbies. Luckily our winters in the Northwest usually don't get too bad until late November or December, so I am still able to get out and do some gardening projects. Last weekend I harvested the potatoes and put in a new flower bed. Hopefully I will get around to planting some bulbs for spring blossoms.

Once I put away my gardening tools for the seaon, I will be whipping out my knitting needles and get cranking on some cozy projects. I picked up several books from the library to try to learn some new stitches—so far all I've ever knitted are pretty simple scarves, but maybe I will get more ambitious.

Here's a pic of my dog Murray modeling a scarf I knitted a couple of years ago. The needles I used are huge and I love how fast it knits up with the LionBrand 'thick & quick' yarn.

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