More Bees Please


The other day I was putting a load of compost down and a sleepy bumble bee crawled out of the dirt—the first one I've seen this season, a sure sign of Spring! We always get a variety of bees in our garden thanks to all of the flowering plants, but this year we're putting up a Mason bee house to see if we get even more. Gotta support the local bee population—they need all the help we can give them. 

April is just around the corner, so I thought I'd post my desktop calendar for download. I hope you enjoy it! As always there are three sizes to choose from. Just select which one fits your monitor and click on the link to automatically download the file. And be sure to visit my friend Willi Galloway's blog Digginfood for great gardening and food tips—you can also find my calendars for download there.

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