Garden Goods

Here in Seattle summer weather usually doesn't arrive until after the fourth of July. This spring and summer have been no exception, but it's finally starting to heat up thankfully. Even with the cooler, wet weather our garden has been exploding, especially the leafy veggies like lettuces, kale and chard. The peas have been pretty happy too. I'm already on my second crop of spinach after the first one came early, then bolted.

At our house we have a veggie garden and herb garden in our back yard, just steps outside our back door which is awesome. Last summer we put a raised bed in our alley which is great for plants that like full sun and hotter temperatures. We've got some green tomatoes, beets, carrots, squash and brussel sprouts which are crazy looking if you've never seen them outside of the market. Here is a little tour of our garden for you.


I hope you enjoy the July calendar and the bounty in your own backyard. I'd love to hear what's growing in your own gardens! As always there are three sizes to choose from. Just select which one fits your monitor and click on the link to automatically download the file. And be sure to visit my friend Willi Galloway's blog Digginfood for great gardening tips, recipes and other fun stuff—you can also find my calendars for download there.

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