February MATS assignment: Cuckoo!

I finished my first assignment for the Lilla Rogers MATS (make art that sells) course last week and had a week off which was good because I was busy with my client work. The gallery went live on Tuesday with all of the amazing and diverse artwork. You might think that if 400 + people are all drawing cuckoo clocks, there might be some similarites, but no! They were all SO different and fun. You can see all of the final designs here in the gallery.

My design was inspired by my sketches from the previous week, in particular, my treehouse gouache sketch that I posted below. I did all of the line work for the final by hand, scanned it in and then added colors and textures in Photoshop. Lilla's color palette suggestions inspired me to try some new things and I really like the pop from the chartreuse green.

We get our March assignment tomorrow, so on to another inspiring month of drawing!