KCSARC Celebrates

A couple of months ago I had the honor of creating a special piece of artwork for my client King County Sexual Assault Group, KCSARC. I've worked with them for a number of years creating the materials that support their annual fundraising events. This project was the first time they commissioned me for artwork so it was very exciting!

They wanted to do something special to honor one of their staff who has been there for 30 years and has created quite a legacy of helping her community. While I haven't met DeAnn personally, I met with my client and we talked about all of her contributions, her personality and she even sent me a couple of photos of DeAnn's office so I got a sense of her style. One thing that resonated with me from our conversation was that she LOVES funky shoes and it is kind of her signature style.

I came up with some sketches of the timeline for my client and they went with my favorite which was the funky boot, jammed full of turning gears, books and musical instruments that showed both DeAnn's personal and professional sides. Originally it was going to have a quote, but they decided not to in the end.

I used a local company, Bumblejax, to print and mount the final 15 x 20 inch piece to bamboo which looked awesome!