July MATS Assignment: Beveridges

Our final assignment for the Lilla Rogers Make Art that Sells Bootcamp was a fun subject matter: Beveridges! And not only that, but to create a piece of art for our OWN personal collection, not a client. The purpose of this assignment was to get back in touch with our own creative core and not worry about about satisfying someone else's criteria—to have FUN! 

I really liked the process I used for the last assignment where I drew everything by hand with a brush pen and then reworked it in Illustrator. So I took that approach for this assignment and I am very happy with the results. Just in the short time of the five Bootcamp classes, I can see my own style evolving.

Since it's summertime, I spend a lot of time on the patio enjoying my garden and cold drinks. So here is my final piece inspired by sunshine, warm days and relaxing. I really like how loose and easy it feels. Lilla helped me not stress so much when I'm creating and just enjoy the process.

You can see all of the final artwork for July HERE.

So, what's next? I'm excited to participate in the 2014 Global Talent Search presented by Lilla and looking forward to challenging myself and learning from a new assignment, plus seeing all of the amazing work by the other illustrators. Stay tuned...